Indian VBA Professional

Okay, friends, so it is now time I became more active on this front. Basically, this post is to discuss at a very preliminary level what I plan to do with my Knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications. As many of you may have visited my profile on fb ( and also seen my Excel VBA Page there ( – You will be quite aware of all the things that I am capable of doing.

No, I do not like to boast, but these are some cold hard facts that you cannot ignore, and just to convince you, I am posting some Userforms that have been developed by me over the years (note that these are not all of them, just indicative of the work that I have done in the past.)


frmCalendar – Inspired by many an MVP, this is my own exclusive Calendar, having a large part of my own coding that has gone into it, so technically, I am not stealing anyone’s work, only have built over and above what has been done, in my own exclusive way.


This is a form that is based on a Userform created for another sub-system (eTDS) that is useful here too.


This userform is spanking new and seeks to collect information on the taxes paid by an assessee during a particular Assessment Year.

With that as an introduction, I have created a Google Plus page here ( that will do the rest of the work. Enjoy reading further!!