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Self-Study & Research Begins on 13th May 2015

On May 13th, 2015, a very important and self-defining decision was taken by the author. Such decisions are not ones that are taken due to any reason other than the situations that prevail at that time and the circumstances that surround it. Events like this are sometimes beyond the circle of our consciousness or comprehension, brought on by factors, that on hindsight, seem so fragile and futile. Even stupid, at times.

The author is not interested in sharing anything other than the fact that this decision was taken under circumstances that time will only tell were beyond the scope of comprehension and understanding of what may today seem to be one in which the author may appear to be taking revenge of some sort.

But, nay, who is the author to decide what seems to be a divine directive? Since this itself is a debatable issue, because obviously, God clearly does not have any favorites. Indeed, he whispers into the ears of each one of us, from time to time, in the form of the voice of our conscience. It is us who often ignore that silent voice in our heads, believing ourselves to be cleverer and shrewder than anyone else on this earth, or for reasons that are best known to the ignorers.

Coming back to the topic, since the author stresses here, that this period of self-study and research was brought on by the events best left undiscussed, for nothing is to be gained by talking about something nobody was willing to do anything about, isn’t it?

The screenshot above, made from my Samsung Galaxy Tab Neo 3 today instant from my facebook post, says things in a very concise and meaningful way. Much better than I could describe in words, isn’t it?

More to you later, this is your favorite author signing off for the day, more will follow in the days to come. CIAO!!

CA Vikram Shankar Mathur