Happy Uttarayan (14-Jan-2017)

Happy Uttarayan for 14-Jan-2017.

13-Jan-2017 | 21:12 Hours IST | #CAVSM |

GST Enrolment for Excise and Service Tax Payers Begins – Migrate Now!

GST Enrolment for Excise and Service Tax Payers Begins – Migrate Now!
11-Jan-2016 | 09:44 Hours IST 


What is VBA-Excel About?

We have been programming the Visual Basic for Applications as the back-end of Microsoft Office 2000 / 2007 and 2013) as well as the versions before that also since the year 2000, so we have been effectively  programming in this environment for more than 15 years now. Basically, in all these years, there was no commercial exploitation being done of these capabilities, which essentially began as an extension of the Macro-Programming available in Lotus 1-2-3. However, as on date, there is a lot more being done in this area by us than just macros! We are basically OOP (Object Oriented Programmers) and our biggest strength is that we are a Chartered Accountancy firm who provides these services mainly to our own clients.

Contact Us

We can be contacted at the address given at the foot of this page, where an office exists for the rest of the times other than those specified below:

A-107, Doctor House,
Above Parimal Railway Underpass,
Off Chimanlal Girdharlal Road, Ellisbridge,
AHMEDABAD-380006, Gujarat, INDIA
Cell: +91-9998090111 / +91-8460890111
Email: vsmathurco@gmail.com | vsmathur@vsmathur.co.in

Phone:  +91-79-26463131

Email: vsmathur@vsmathur.co.in
Web: http://vsmathur.co.in/vba-excel.htm


Interesting Observation!

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Commitment to safe environment for women at workplace

The National Commission for Women has issued this in Public Interest in the Ahmedabad Mirror, Ahmedabad City Edition on Page 9 – All organisations must have, for example, an “Internal Complaints Committee  (ICC)” set up to deal with complaints. This is a MUST READ for all women who are employed anywhere.

08-Jan-2017 | 10:46 Hours IST | #CAVSM |

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Unprecedented Global Crisis

​In my continued effort to bring to you some uncommon and little-known facts, here is one tit-bit that some may have read today in ToI. There are 65.3 million people in aggregate displaced in 2016 in the  world! Shocking, huh?

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