Algorithms are a part of your brain’s Daily Routine?

What is an algorithm? They are complex mathematical calculations that are used either to predict the happening of an event or to aid the process of decision-making. The human brain has a complex set of registers, much like the RAM that power’s computers and laptops.

Just as an example, when you lift a gun and take aim at the faraway target, your eyes view the target and send back visual images to the brain. An alogrithm computes results and sends back instructions to the hand holding the gun to correct the aim. When the brain perceives the exact match of the aim being aligned to shoot the target, the brain issues instructions to your finger on the trigger to shoot.

As a science student, studies like the one reported in today’s Times of India, Ahmedabad City Edition (Front Page) have often intrigued the logical and analytical part of my persona. Which is why, I’m guessing, I was destined to become a Forensic Expert in the coming few years of my life.


13-Feb-2017 | 09:53 Hours IST | #CAVSM |