Photo from CA Vikram S. Mathur

Sometimes I really wonder what is it that drives anything, be it traffic to a website / facebook page or business / profession or literally anything under the sun. Is there anything that can guarantee success for such an occurrence of what I would usually call ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’?

Obviously, there ARE no answers to that! In my opinion, circumstances are too unpredictable and multivariate that solutions would differ from individual to individual and entity to entity. Also, timing of an action and it’s concurrence with the demand for the desired objective are multi-variate and impossible to predict.

So, there are highly improbabilistic permutations and combinations one HAS to understand, before an event or method can be standardized to any reliable extent!

This is where the reliability and dependability on the right kind of consultant comes into focus! Do NOT make the mistake that countless people have already made and regretted million times over. Businesses have run into rock-solid walls and obstacles because of some very elementary and fundamental mistakes made by otherwise successful and prospering businessmen. Mark my words, which I make from 25 solid years of learning and experience of running Human Relationship/Resource Management (HRM) departments for some awesome organisations that I have worked in during and after my 5 years in the Industry!!


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