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TAR and Related ITR Extension to 07-Nov-2017

Tax Audit Report Filing and related Income Tax Return efiling extended to November 7th 2017

Photo from CA Vikram S. Mathur

Sometimes I really wonder what is it that drives anything, be it traffic to a website / facebook page or business / profession or literally anything under the sun. Is there anything that can guarantee success for such an occurrence of what I would usually call ‘destiny’ or ‘fate’?

Obviously, there ARE no answers to that! In my opinion, circumstances are too unpredictable and multivariate that solutions would differ from individual to individual and entity to entity. Also, timing of an action and it’s concurrence with the demand for the desired objective are multi-variate and impossible to predict.

So, there are highly improbabilistic permutations and combinations one HAS to understand, before an event or method can be standardized to any reliable extent!

This is where the reliability and dependability on the right kind of consultant comes into focus! Do NOT make the mistake that countless people have already made and regretted million times over. Businesses have run into rock-solid walls and obstacles because of some very elementary and fundamental mistakes made by otherwise successful and prospering businessmen. Mark my words, which I make from 25 solid years of learning and experience of running Human Relationship/Resource Management (HRM) departments for some awesome organisations that I have worked in during and after my 5 years in the Industry!!



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GST Update – 2017-10-24

Great relief for tax payers.
Late fee on filing of GSTR-3B for August & September has been waived off by Government today. 

Please check the link below to know more.


24-Oct-2017 | 21:27 Hours IST 

Hold Google, Facebook accountable for content – TOI Report, Oct 18, 2017

Very important observation. Ought to be instantly implemented. 

CA Vikram S. Mathur
18-Oct-2017 | 09:50 Hours IST


CA Vikram Shankar Mathur – Live (About)

Vikram Shankar Mathur

Proprietor of M/s Vikram S. Mathur And Co., Chartered Accountants .

We pride ourselves in being called the “new-age accountants” of today, and we are constantly striving to bring the solutions of all your problems to your doorstep, of course, provided we come to hear of your side of the story first!!I am an Indian Chartered Accountant residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. My Sole Proprietorship Firm is basically into the practice of Accounting, Auditing, Income-Tax Return Filing, Financial Consultancy, Statutory Audit, Tax Audit, Information Systems Audit and other related fields. After Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant on 08/08/1989, I was working in the Industry for six years. In May 1995, I began my practice as an Associate Chartered Accountant and upgraded to Fellow Chartered Accountant in 2002. In March’2006 I also became qualified as Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA), a course run by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, (ICAI), Delhi. The sole proprietorship firm is registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

There is also the parent website you could visit to know more:

About Us

24-Sep-2017 | 14:34 Hours IST

Virtual Visiting Card of CA Vikram Shankar Mathur - Live

Virtual Visiting Card of CA Vikram Shankar Mathur – Live

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All my friends know, hopefully, by now – that I am the #Cynical and #Skeptical #Author of #Modern #Times. Somebody commented on this image, and since I respect that person very much, I thought that of my accord, I ought to explain, by way of a short true story, why I posted this on #Facebook. So tighten your seatbelts and read on:

Once upon a time, there was a young man who changed his fields of study from the faculty of Arts to the faculty of Commerce, after graduation. Initially, he never could understand the difference between a #Debit and a #Credit, leave aside the three #Golden #Rules of #Accountancy.

He took upon himself the tremendous and arduous task of re-learning from scratch the subject of Commerce and Accountancy. Being a #Science student upto the 12th standard held him in good stead here, and with his dedication and never-say-die attitude he studied hard, joined the #Davar’s #College of #Commerce for a #Crash #Course and successfully became a #Chartered #Accountant in due course of time.

He spent the next #Five years of his professional life as an #Employee in the #Industry, during which he created many a #successful innovative projects in each #Organization that he was employed with, names are not important, because what he was able to #achieve was what his focus became.

Some of the #Pioneering work that he did, are listed here: (1) Setting up a #Fully #Computerised #Accounts department (2) Setting up a #Radio #Paging Centre in Indore and Surat (3) Settting up a #Credit #Control department controlling 46 difference locations within India (4) Creating a #Payroll Package in #Clipper and in #Foxpro (5) Becoming a #Forensic #Accounting and #Fraud #Prevention certified #CA and lastly (6) Certified wtih a #Diploma in #Information #Systems #Audit.

In the course of the three decades of his career, he has #trained more than two dozen people in the use of #Excel and #Spreadsheet #Formulae – quite apart from becoming the #Deadly #VBA #Programmer that he is today.”

So that is the reason, friends. Read the #quote with that #History in mind and judge for yourself. Cheers !!


09-Sep-2017 | 11:20 Hours IST

Having the requisite #Industrial #Experience along with being an #Economics #Honours #Graduate from #SRCCDelhiUniv – add to that my scientific background as a Science Stream student upto 12th Standard from #MSVV – the topping of being one of the most highly intelligent, intuitive and creative #Chartered #Accountants in the country – makes me someone YOU ought to need as a top-notch #Consultant, right?

09-Sep-2017 | 11:24 Hours IST